About Help Center

The HELP Center is a peer counseling and crisis intervention telephone hotline, where you can speak to a student peer-counselor in confidence about any matter that concerns you.

The HELP Center was established in 1970 by the University of Maryland Counseling Center in order to provide an outreach service to the campus community.

You don’t have to provide your name or any identifying information. All calls made to the HELP Center are kept strictly confidential, because we are here to provide you with an anonymous ‘listening ear’. No concern is too big or small; our intent is to LISTEN and provide feedback. HELP Center counselors are trained in interpersonal communcations and crisis intervention. We are ready to speak with you.

We also are ready to inform you about campus counseling services, campus information, and phone numbers for community resources.

All Help Center volunteers are University of Maryland, College Park students. To become a Help Center counselor, you must complete a semester of training and pass a demanding test.